Poem for the Class of '61 Reunion in 2011

This poem was written by Donna Korhonen (Yecke).  She framed and signed a copy which was given away.



Why are these old people looking at me?
What are they thinking? Who do they see?
A glimmer of light is beginning to shine;
Could these old farts be classmates of mine?

it's starting to dawn on me, raising a fear.
Yes, it's becoming abundantly clear;
The strangers seem to know who I am--
Another old fogie looking at them!

Although we're somewhat crinkled
And our birthday suits are wrinkled,
We want to stand and holler "stop!
Take those hands right off the clock!"

Still, we've aged with grace
And are ready to face
Whatever life brings
Till the fat lady sings.

For these are the years
When we finally can see
The person that God
Has made us to be.

So lift your glass and make a toast
To the class with class that has the most.
On this day, let's join the fun--
'Cause old '61 is now 50 years young!

Donna Korhonen Yecke -- July 2011