Thanks for the great tribute to my aunt Bonnie.

She was 10 years my senior and provided many hours of refuge for me during my "troubled teen times". She would let me borrow her car that got 25 miles to a quart of oil. A Studebaker I believe. I listened to FM radio for the first time on her radio. So amazingly clear compared to that AM station out of Little Rock. I think it was called "Bleaker Street". She always was so upbeat with her sister's five children, (I the middle child). I remember when she was pregnant with Jessie, her husband John drew a silhouette of her so far along with child, that her belly button was an "outtie".

Thanks for the memories.

I remember her passing by throwing some flowers into the Mississippi river from a bridge in New Orleans about the time her ashes would have floated by.

Thanks for the wonderful website.

Kirk Johnson
Class of '71