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Eighth Grade Graduation June 2, 1957
Assumption Hall Catholic School, Hibbing, Minnesota

Picture Supplied by Maureen (O'Reilly) Farrell Denver, CO

Pictured Left to Right:
Front Row : Mary Jo LaTendress, Marion "Chic" Swanson, Mary Farichild, Maureen O'Reilly, Monsignor Patrick Byrnes, Roberta "Bertie" McGowan, Margaret "Peggy" Eaton, Diane Gazelka, Carolyn Warmuth.
2nd Row : Tom Pharise, Diane Drong, Patricia Wippler, Charlene Zoener, Barbara Scofield, Rochelle Bretto, Michele Laurienzo, Eilene Tate, Joann Gaige, Terry Meyers.
3rd Row : Judy Zbacnik, Kathleen Barrett, Patricia Cummings, Betty Mae Mlaker, Mary Angeli, Frances Mansfeild.
4th Row : Joan Grecula, Nancy Peterson, Barbara Toomey, Nancy Johnson, Jeannette LeDoux, ????????
5th Row : Duane "Dewey" Winsor, Jacques "Jake" Johnson, John Scott, John "Ricky" Tangadahl, Michael Laurienzo, Tom Calligure, Roger Waseleski?
6th Row : Patrick Furlong, John Husted, John Furin, Ed Beckers, ????????, Theodore "Teddy" Vonfeldt.
Back Row : Patrick Nash, John Yuretich, Patrick Daley, Eugene Skalski, James White, Everett Macy, Richard Whelan, Fred Nelson, ????????, Frank Yuretich, ????????, ????????, Terrence "Terry" O'Brien.
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Michele Laurienzo, Patty Cummings, Barb Scofield

A 2006 view of members ofthe Assumption Hall Class of 1957

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February 2007 Update: They are expanding the Assumption Hall School.
These photos show the new addition added on to the High School side of
the Catholic school as part of a $4 million renovation.