Dennis Pagel

Dennis Pagel was killed in a motorcycle accident in 1969 at the corner of 19th Ave. and HWY 37. He and Richie, owner of a pool hall on 1st Ave., I think, were on two separate motorcycles and bumped into each other when they turned the corner. Richie died at the scene and Dennis died two or three days later.

(per Tom Kantos)

Doug Boles getting married - Dennis Pagel on right
My name is Doug Boles.  I served in the Air Force with Dennis Pagel, we were stationed in England together.  He was a hell of a nice guy and a good friend. If this gets to anyone who knew Dennis before his Air Forcce days, please know that  you as well as I am very lucky to have known him.

Doug Boles
Albuquerque NM
Nov. 2008
Doug Boles, Dennis Pagel
in Air Force, stationed in England.