Oklahoma - Senior High Class Play

This huge sign (about 48" high and 96" wide) was hanging above the top of the steps inside the entry to the high school on the opening day of school in September, 1960. The sign was made by Dennis Johnson at his house prior to the start of school. (I remember using big magic markers. I did it in my parents den and I got "light headed" (read "high") because the room wasn't ventilated).

Below is the original program




Hibbing Tribune Newsclipping on Oklahoma - Oct. 12, 1960

More Hibbing Tribune Newsclippings

Oklahoma-after-play party Oct 1960
L to R: Veronica Mastakoski 1961,
Mary Scipioni 1961, Paula 1961,
Bob Erickson 1961, Winnie Frost 1961,
Cliff Fearing1961, Sandy Hallberg 1960,
Marge Gersich 1961.

Oklahoma dress rehersal Fall 1960


Left to right
Sheila Rothkoph, xx, xx, Sharon Breen
Vern Wenberg, xx, xx, Patty Madsen

Left to right
xx, Bonnie Jetty, xx, xx, Judy Rawie