Junior High Photos

Pictures from the 1950's

7th Grade
8th Grade
9th Grade

Showing Junior High happenings
From 7th, 8th, & 9th Grades


Pictured Above: Left - Brian Butler, Right - Brian Burton

Sheila Rothkoph dancing w/ Dennis Johnson, Jim Csargo and Fuzzy Forsmark in background,
Brian Butler dancing w/ Bonnie Jetty, Jean Wood dancing with a really short kid.

Mike Fagen & Dennis Johnson

Sheila Rothkoph dancing with Bonnie Jetty, Tallie Sachs (standing back to camera) dancing with Jean Wood, Patty Reichell sitting

Scott Harrison's party Nov 1956
L to R: Sheila Rothkopf, Bonnie Jetty,
Pat Reichel, Jean Wood, Brian Butler,
Scott Harrison's Dad, Donna Marinucci.

Pauline Taylor
Joanne Hamre
Vickie McDermott
@ Scott Harrisons

Pat Reichel, Donna Marinucci, Jean Wood,
Bill Chevchek, Tallie Sachs, Shelia Rothkopf,
Brian Butler @ Scotts

Bonnie Jetty, Tallie Sachs, Scott Harrison,
?, Alicia Morris

Lucia Ronchetti & Jim Demgen (king & queen of something) - Dennis Johnson kissing Sharon Rosacker (eighth grade)

Dennis Johnson (left) & Sharon Rosacker (right) with Jim Demgen kissing Lucia Ronchetti (eighth grade)
Sharon Rosacker, Dennis Johnson, Jim Demgen,
Lucia Ronchetti

Dennis Johnson & Sharon Rosacker, Mike Fagan (right)

Sharon Rosacker & Dennis Johnson, Scott Reinertson

Sharon Rosacker, Pauline Taylor & Joann Hamre in Dennis Johnsoin's basement looking at these same pictures!
This is a note from Sharon Rosacker to Dennis Johnson
Sturgeon & BonnieJetty had a
(we were going together). Sharon had a cabin on Big
cabin on Side Lake.

Sharon Rosacker playing ping-pong in Dennis Johnson's basement

Sharon Rosacker

Sharon Rosacker & Sharon Breen in Dennis Johnson's basement

Sheila Rothkopf

Bonnie Jetty & Sheila Rothkopf
in Dennis Johnson's basement.

Sheila Rothkopf & Pat Reichel in Dennis Johnson's basement (notice the flash bulbs & the Brownie Hawkeye camera)

Barb Toomey, Pauline Taylor, Sheila Rothkopf,
Pat Reichel (double exposure)

Party time in Dennis Johnson's basement -
note the dresses and sport coats.
Bonnie Jetty and Mike Maras?
in Dennis Johnson's basement
Bonnie Jetty and Ken Volbrecht at same party as above.


Gail Mumford, Tallie Sachs, Kathy Warner &
Pauline Taylor

Brian Butler & Tallie Sachs in Brian Burton's basement (1957 eighth grade)

Brian Butler & Pauline Taylor in Brian Burton's basement

Pauline Taylor

John "Fuzzy" Forsmark, Gail Mumford

Bonnie Jetty, Brian Burton

Brian Burton

Brian Burton's basement
Pauline Taylor and Brian Burton 8th Grade.
Bonnie Jetty and Mike Maras.

Pat Reichel, Brian Burton

Sheila Rothkopf, Bonnie Jetty

Mike Maras, Bonnie Jetty

Bonnie Jetty
Pauline Taylor, left, Fuzzy Forsmark, right
Bonnie Jetty and Mike Maras (yes, really!)
at New Year's Party.
Pauline Taylor and Joanne Hammer in
Dennis Johnson's basement.

Jerry VonFeldt, Loren, Pat Maloney,
Jack Frye, Mike Maras (L to R)

Mike Maras & Bonnie Jetty laughing it up
while Scott Reinertson leeringly looks on

Bill Shevchek (spelling?) doing the twist in
Dennis Johnson's basement

Bob Scott & Tom Mayhew (same place)

Mike Fagan in Dennis Johnson's basement.

Tom Mayhew upstairs at Dennis Johnson's house.

JoAnn Peterson And Gail Mumford - 8th Grade Dance



Above picture: Taken in 1957 in Carol Meittunen's basement. Most of these kids graduated in 1961.

Left to right: Rick Whalen, Jim Daniels, Judie Rowie, Sharon Breen, Stan Grillo, Sharon Rosacker, Loren, Mary Jane Hammer, Sandy Ronning, Ev Macy (sitting down), Judy Popovich, Dave Lyman.

You should also know that these people were going together: Rick & Sharon, Jim & Judie, Sandy & Stan, Loren & Mary Jane, Ev & Sharon, Dave & Judy Popovich
(Dave & Judy actually just got married in Nov. 2005!). Not shown but at the party in the back room when the picture was taken (according to Carol) were Tony Potami &
Mary Scipioni.