Senior High Photos (Updated 12-22-15)

It was all about growing up with all your friends, hanging out, and then there were the parties! (some of these photos are not rated for showing to your children.

(Pictured Above) Middle - Brian Butler, Right - George Saari

Patty Cummings
Michelle Laurienzo
Michelle Laurienzo
Vicki McDermot
Vicki McDermot (Kathy Warner at left in white coat)
Sharon Mattson
Sharon Mattson
Joy Musech
Joy Musech, Gail Mulford, and Sharon Mattson

Jim Tellor

(L to R) Jim Tellor, Mickey Laurienzo, Terry O’Brien.
Mike Kanieski lying down on deck. This was at Jim
Tellor’s cabin the morning after Senior Prom (they say 
they went there after they brought their dates home)


Jim Tellor
Standing - Jim Tellor, Mickey Laurienzo in front,
Mark Salo in back of Mickey, Terry O’Brien under
Mickey’s arm, Mike Kanieski prone on deck.

Jim Tellor
Jim Tellor, Mark Salo, Terry O’Brien standing
over Mickey Laurienzo
Jim Tellor
Jim Tellor,
Pat Burho
Pat Burho

John "Fuzzy" Forsmark, Jackie Baker (1960),
Nurse Carmen - visiting at Sandy Hallberg's hospital room
Hibbing 2
Sandy Hallberg, Sally Clark & Bob Sedlock (all from class of 1960) in Sandy's hospital room.  She broke her leg falling off the fair grandstand when she tried to sneak in.
Rosie Rantala

Rosie Rantala on the way to the prom.
Veronica Mastakoski
Veronica Mastakoski, Bob Sedlock &
Rosie Rantala at the Dutchmans
Veronica Mastakoski, Rosie Rantala, Dennis Johnson, and Sandra Hallberg (1960) at the Dutchmans.
The Dutchmen's Cliff Fearing, Pat Maloney,
Mike Laurienzo, and Judy Popovich

The Dutchmen's 1962
Table on left: Tom Calligure 1961,
John "Fuzzy" Forsmark 1961.
Table on right: Sandy Hallberg 1960,
Judy Popovich 1961, Bob Sedlock 1960,
Veronica Mastakoski 1961, Rosie Rantala 1961.
Table in back: Cliff Fearing (back to camera)
1961, Pat Maloney 1961, Mike Laurienzo 1961,
(don't know 2 on left).

The Dutchmen's 1962.
Hwy 73 & Hwy 169.
L to R: Dennis Johnson 1961,
Jack Fry, Mike Maras 1961,
Sandy Hallberg 1960.



Tom Calligure, Judy Popovich

Pat Maloney, Mike Laurienzo

Sammy's Pizza 1962
(North side of Howard St)
L to R: Dennis Johnson 1961,
Sandy Hallberg 1960, ?,
Rosie Rantala 1961, ?, ?.

"Fuzzy" Forsmark, Cliff Fearing
(Sammy's Pizza)


L-R: May 22, 1960
Hawki, Sharlyn, Kathy, Cha, Betti
In front of Sammy's Pizza

Hawk, Gail, Pauline, Joy,
Winnie, JoAnn, Chris, Jean,
Kathy, ?, Mary, Sue, & JoAnn

Jack Antonelli, Mike Fagan, Bob Sedlock




Sandy Halberg's Hospital Room (Broke her leg climbing on the grandstand at the fairgrounds)

L-R: Bob Sedlock, Mike Fagan (in wheelchair), Nurse Judy, Fuzzy Forsmark (in top hat), Bonnie Jetty, Sandy, ?, Dennis Johnson, Jackie Baker, Rosie Rantala

Sandy Halberg

Dennis Johnson, Fred Nelson

Stan Gruska

Dave Lyman, Judy Popovich

Rosie Rantala

Rosie Rantala and Veronica Mastakoski
The pictures below were from a Memorial Day 1960 Party at my house (Dennis Johnson) - My parents & younger brother went to the cabin & I didn't!

Bob Erickson, Dave Lyman

Dave Lyman

Dave Lyman, Bob Erickson, Fuzzy Forsmark

Judy Popovich, Mike Maras, Sandy Hallberg
Note the black & white TV and the Sears "portable" record player.


(Click to Enlarge)
This is a placemat from the Riverside Inn showing the "chain" of lakes and cabin locations penciled in.
Our late classmate, Leslie Walters, owned the Riverside Inn at the time of his death.


Jack Frye

Jack Frye, Pat Maloney

Fuzzy Forsmark's Dad's Chrysler 300G - Nice!


This is a pit pass from the North Star drag strip in Minneapolis - where we took Fuzzy's Dad's 300G and entered it in a drag race! And he won! Fuzzy came back with a trophy - "Ah, explain that again, son?"

Of course, the above warning was "intercepted" by me at the mailbox and never reached my parents.