Home page picture: Taken in 1957 in Carol Meittunen's basement. Most of these kids graduated in 1961.

Left to right: Rick Whalen, Jim Daniels, Judie Rowie, Sharon Breen, Stan Grillo, Sharon Rosacker, Loren , Mary Jane Hammer, Sandy Ronning, Ev Macy (sitting down), Judy Popovich, Dave Lyman.

You should also know that these people were going together: Rick & Sharon, Jim & Judie, Sandy & Stan, Loren & Mary Jane, Ev & Sharon, Dave & Judy Popovich (Dave & Judy are dating again in 2001). Not shown but at the party in the back room when the picture was taken (according to Carol) were Tony Potami & Mary Scipioni.


The Dutchmen's 1962.
Hwy 73 & Hwy 169.
L to R: Dennis Johnson 1961,
Jack Fry, Mike Maras 1961,
Sandy Hallberg 1960.

Sammy's Pizza 1962
(North side of Howard St)
L to R: Dennis Johnson 1961,
Sandy Hallberg 1960, ?,
Rosie Rantala 1961, ?, ?.
The Dutchmen's 1962
Table on left: Tom Calligure 1961,
John "Fuzzy" Forsmark 1961.
Table on right: Sandy Hallberg 1960,
Judy Popovich 1961, Bob Sedlock 1960,
Veronica Mastakoski 1961, Rosie Rantala 1961.
Table in back: Cliff Fearing (back to camera)
1961, Pat Maloney 1961, Mike Laurienzo 1961,
(don't know 2 on left).
Oklahoma-after-play party Oct 1960
L to R: Veronica Mastakoski 1961,
Mary Scipioni 1961, Paula 1961,
Bob Erickson 1961, Winnie Frost 1961, Cliff Fearing 1961, Sandy Hallberg 1960, Marge Gersich 1961
Oklahoma dress rehersal Fall 1960 L-R: May 22, 1960
Hawki, Sharlyn, Kathy, Cha, Betti
In front of Sammy's Pizza
Scott Harrison's party Nov 1956
L to R: Sheila Rothkoph 1961, Bonnie Jetty 1961,
?, Jean Wood 1961, Brian Butler 1961,
Scott Harrison's Dad, Donna Marinucci.
Hawk, Gail, Pauline, Joy,
Winnie, JoAnn, Chris, Jean,
Kathy, ?, Mary, Sue, & JoAnn
  Patty Cummings

Senior Personality Poll
(Hibbing Hi Times May 19, 1961)

As a result of the recent SENIOR PERSONALITY POLL conducted by the HI TIMES, the following students were chosen by their fellow classmates as best in the respective categories:

BEST STUDENT ---------------------------Jeanne Maki & Brian Butler
MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED ---------Jeanne Maki & Brian Butler
SWEETEST DISPOSITION -------------Noells Berg & Mickey Laurienzo
MOST INITIATIVE --------------------------Judy Zbacnik & Dennis Johnson
BEST ALL AROUND ---------------------Pat Burho & Mickey Laurienzo
MOST TALENTED ------------------------Martha Jo Hagen & Mike Fagan
BEST ACTRESS --------------------------Bonnie Jetty
BEST ACTOR ------------------------------Tom Calligure
BEST LAUGH ------------------------------Pat Burho & Bob Erickson
PRETTIEST EYES ------------------------Gayle Anderson & Ed Beckers
NICEST SMILE -----------------------------Barb Toomey & Rick Whelan
BEST DANCER ----------------------------Kathy Sullivan & Mike Maras
BEST SINGER ------------------------------Sharon Nelson
BEST ARTIST -------------------------------Donna Korhonen & Richard Enderle
BEST ATHLETE ---------------------------Jim White
BEST PHYSIQUE -------------------------John Backman
BEST FIGURE ------------------------------Barb Toomey
PEPPIEST ------------------------------------Vicki McDermott & Mickey Laurienzo
MOST WITTY --------------------------------Marge Gersich & Richard Enderle
MOST FLIRTATIOUS ---------------------Bonnie Jetty & Mike Maras
MOST BASHFUL ---------------------------Marge Del Grande & Warren Helstrom
MOST TALKATIVE ------------------------Corky Javorina & Dick Enderle
NICEST HAIR --------------------------------Judy Zbacnick & John Furin
FRIENDLIEST -------------------------------Vickie McDermott & Mickey Laurienzo
BEST COUPLE -----------------------------Pat Burho & Scott Reinertson