Aug. 2006 Hibbing High Class of 1961 Reunion

2 pages of photos
(note:all of the women in the photos are listed using their maiden names.
It's shorter and who in our class knows you by your married name?)

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Mary Scipioni, Judy Popovich, Michelle Laurienzo,
Barb Scofield, Patty Cummings

Mary, Michelle, Dennis Johnson
(Owner of the 1956 Mercury), Judy & Barb

Michelle, Barb & Patty

Mr. Rian and Karen Rian

L-R Back: Marge Del Grande,Mary Angeli,
Vicki McDermott, Mary Jane Hammer, Carol Debalak,
Carole Meittunen, Rita Maras, Pat Burho
L-R Front : Sandy Ronning, Sheila Rothkopf

John Maki, Bob Scott, Ev Macy, Cliff Fearing, Christine Maras

Ev Macy, Cliff Fearing

Winnie Frost, Christine Maras, Karen Rian

Dennis Johnson, Marge Gersich
Patty Gersich (1959), Jeanne Maki

Brian Burton, Dennis Johnson

Bob Scott, Sheila Rothkopf

Bob Scott, Noella Berg

Joanne Hammer, ________.Lona Dunne

Mary Scipioni, Michelle Laurienzo

Becky Maras (R)

Sandy Shanks (R)

Pat Furlong, Bernie Drlaca

Terry O'Brien, Barb Scofield,_________, Beck Maras

Mr. Fiori, Tom Kantos, Jackie Fiori, Dennis Johnson

Brian Butler, Sandy Shanks

Brian Burton, Dennis Johnson

Bob Scott, Brian Burton, Lola Burton

Barb Toomey, Dave Lyman, Judy Popovich

Mary Angeli, Warren Erillo, Mike Borovak (married Carole Meittunen)

Ron Johnson and Michelle Laurienzo, Becky Maras

Donna Korhonen and husband

Girls only line dance.

Yes, we actually did dance the night away

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