Aug. 2006 Hibbing High Class of 1961 Reunion page 2

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Fred Nelson, Patty Cummings

Barb Toomey, Dicky Gustafson (1960), Barb's husband

Betty Bronson, Sharon Bronson, Amy Forsmark (R)

Carol Debelak, Brian Butler

Gary Westerlund , Lorraine Espe

Pat Nash and Wife


L-R : Christine Maras, Karen Rian, Edith Riser, Sharon Boutang,
Becky Maras, Audrey Dilley


Mickey Laurienzo, Mr. Mastakoski, Veronica Mastakoski

Warran Grillo, Sandy Ronning, Carole Meittunen
Carol Debelak, Mary Angeli

Terry O'Brien, Mary Scipioni, Nancy Peterson, Patty Cummings

Maureen O'Rielly

Ed Beckers

Tessa Hill (fiance), Dennis Johnson

Pat Coshignano and Mrs. Coshignano, Tessa Hill


John Furin, Lona Dunne


Dennis Smith


Karen Rian, Nancy Peterson

Ev Macy, Dave Lyman, Cliff Fearing

Vicki McDermott, Rita Maras

Marge Delgrande, SharonBreen

Barb Scofield, Patty Cummings, Michelle Laurienzo,
Mary Scipioni

John Hoberle (L), Mr. Nancy Catani

A few Brooklynites - Eugene Stalski, Dave Swanovich,
Bob Sorci, Jackie Fiori

Brooklynites Francie Fink, Marilyn Davich,
Terry O' Brien

Donna Korhonen, Tom Kantos

Another Brooklynite, Brian Butler


Pat Burho, Carole Meittunen, _______



____________, ____________, Rick Whelan



Just wanted you to see Terry O'Briens Pony Tail



Dick Stanich, Becky Maras



Mr. Jacobson, Renae Jacobson



Mr. Catani, Nancy Catani



Palmer's Pub after party


Now let's see, the 50th will be in 2011?
Wow! That will make us how old?


Terry O'Brien says "one more"


No comment

Times are changing in Hibbing


New Lowe's - Across from Irongate Mall -
Cemetery to west side.


New Lowe's - New Mann Theatres


New Mann Theatre


Wal-Mart - 169 & 73

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