Hibbing High Full Mast

The picture above features:
Hawki, Gail, Pauline, Joy, Winnie, Joann, Chris, Jean, Kathy, Mary, Sue & Joann
The picture above features:
Hawki, Sharyn, Kathy, Cha, Betti.
(Alias: Sharon Mattson, Sharon Douville, Kathleen Andria, Margaret Chacich, Betty Lindsay).
The picture above right features Bonnie Jetty. Click here to read a memorial story with many old high school pictures. (The picture above also shows Kathy Warner & Pauline Taylor to the left of Bonnie).
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55th Year Reunion
was July 29,30, 2016
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Class of '61 - It's your 80th Birthday Party
Come Join you classmates on June 24th, 2023
Checco's Tavern in Hibbing 6pm - 9pm+
No cover charge/admission
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The 50th Year Reunion
for the Class of 1961
on July 15 - 17, 2011
Was a Blast!

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The 53rd Reunion
was July 7-13,2 014
part of the all class reunion.
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Letters From Classmates
Communications and photos received
(updated Oct. 3rd, 2017 with
email from Martin Horsted)

Class of 1961 List
A listing of all the members of the class of 1961. Even ones who didn't graduate.
(updated 3-18-20)

Class of 1961 deceased member list
Contact us if you have information on any class members or if you are deceased.
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Recently Deceased Class Members
Stu Dye (2-27-20)
Paul Pederson (2-18-20)
JoAnn Gaige (10-15-2019)
Patricia Lockhart (4-17-2019)
Duane Winsor (2-16-2019)
Scott Reinertson (2-15-19)

Patricia "Pat" Jensen (2-14-19)
(Updated 3-18-20)

Bonnie Jetty Memorial Story
Dedicated to all the deceased members of the class of 1961. Interspersed with many old photos of the way we were.

(April 2008 - Click here to read email about Bonnie's grandkids)

Class of 1961 Elementary School Stuff
Kindergarten pictures and class list, first grade class list, and other news items from 1948 to 1955.
(Updated 8-22-18)

Your Parent's Graduation Photo
Old Hematites from the late 1920's to mid 1930's

Class of 1961 Brooklyn School Stuff
Pictures and stuff

Growing up in Brooklyn
A story by Jackie Fiori
with pictures

Assumption Hall
Catholic School

Graduation from 8th grade 7-2-57 (Class of 61)

Class of 1961 Junior High Photos
7th, 8th, and 9th Grade
Pictures from the 1950's. Sorry, you can't delete any of them.
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Class of 1961 Senior High Photos
10th, 11th, and 12th Grade

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The Hi-Times Newspaper
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Senior High Events and Memories
More Great Photos, News clippings and Events

It's Prom Time
And other "Dress up" Parties

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Ondine -Junior Class Play
November 13, 1959

Senior High Play
October 1960

Diary of Anne Frank
Senior High Play
April 1961

Junior Achievement
A list of all the Junior Achievement
companies, who was in each company and 2 interesting photos

Senior High Sports
(including cheerleaders)

High School Band
Picture from trip to Washington, D.C.
June 1961

Local Rock 'N Roll Groups
Rockets, Renowns, Renegades, Tijuana Trio,
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Class of 1961 Graduation seating & program
Remember where you sat for graduation and who sat next to you? Find out here.

Class of 1961 Will
What everyone "leaves" upon graduating.

(New July 2011)

Senior Personality Poll – May 19, 1961
Best dancer, most flirtatious, best laugh, best figure – see who they are!

Senior Sketches
Each Hi-Times featured a senior boy and girl with best picture and story.

Wedding Engagements
Original Wedding Announcements from some of the 1961 class members.

Class of 1961 reunion photos from 2001
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Class of 1961 reunion photos from 2004
We just got better with age!

Class of 1961 reunion photos from 2006
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Class of 1961 reunion photos from 2014


Class of 1961 reunion photos from 2016

Hibbing News & History
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TV Report on Hibbing High
3 1/2 minute quick tour from 2013 featuring the auditorium.  Click here.

Iron Mining Industry on the range - late 40's. Video Clip.


Robert J. Thiel

12:56am Dec 7

I was reading a bit tonight about Fleetwood Mac- an article in Rolling Stone about Stevie Nicks and Mick Fleetwood by Greil Marcus. Marcus is a San Francisco-born author, social critic and pop culture historian. He himself went to the same high school from which Nicks and Fleetwood graduated. Marcus recalls in an essay a comparison of his high-class high school to our own Hibbing High after he visited in 2007=

"Menlo-Atherton High was a sleek, modern plant: one story, flat roofs, huge banks of windows in every classroom, lawns everywhere, and three parking lots, one reserved strictly for members of the senior class. The school produced Olympic swimmers in the early 60s; a few years later Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks would graduate and, a few years after that, make Fleetwood Mac the biggest band in the world. The school sparkled with suburban money, rock ‘n’ roll cool, surfer swagger, and San Francisco ambition—and compared to Hibbing High School it was a shack. “I know Hibbing,” Harry Truman said in 1947, when he was introduced to Hibbing’s John Galob, the National Commander of Disabled American Veterans. “That’s where the high school has gold door knobs.”

Outside of Washington, D.C., it’s the most impressive public building I’ve ever seen. In aerial photographs, it’s a colossus: four stories, 93 feet high, with wings 180 feet long flying out from a 416-foot front. From the ground it is more than anything a monument to benign authority, a giant hand welcoming the town, all of its generations, into a cave where the treasure is buried, all the knowledge of mankind. It speaks for the community, for its faith in education, not only as a road to success, to wealth and security, reputation and honor, but as a good in itself. This town, the building says, will have the best school in the world."

An outsider's unjaded view sometimes helps to validate one's own vein opinion of our "Castle in the Woods".


Hibbing, Minnesota


This web site is a repository for pictures, stories, memorabilia and remembrances of the Hibbing High School featuring the Class of 1961.


Those of you that know me understand that I collect and save lots of “stuff”. It’s not too surprising that I still have a lot of “stuff” related to the class of 1961. This web site is my way of sharing it with everyone else.


I hope you enjoy our history as much as I do. I’ll continue to share what I have collected until it’s all here or I’m not.


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Hibbing High

Hibbing High

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Hibbing High

Hibbing High

Hibbing High